クレアはオーストラリアの小さな田舎町のバレエレッスンで踊りや人間の動きを探求しはじめた。13歳の頃バレエの上達を補うためにピラティスに出会った.向上心に燃える学生はバレエキャリアそして人生にとって大切なピラティスの訓練を始めた.何年ものトレーニングやコンクールの後彼女は オーストラリアバレエスクールに受け入れられ優等で卒業した。



彼女は日本語能力試験1級をも取得しておりポールスターピラティス・マットコースを日本語で受験し高得点で合格した。クレアは現在バレエとピラティスを英語、日本語の両方で指導している。 現在は香港でポールスターピラティス・スタジオコースを勉強している。 彼女は身体の知識と動きへの愛着を伝える事を熱望しつつピラティスのトレーニングそして特別なコーチングを通してダンサーが自分の能力を発揮する事には特に興味を持っている。

Claire Joanne Menzies

Claire began her exploration with dance and human movement in a ballet class in a small country town of Australia. The introduction to Pilates followed naturally at the age of 13 as a supplement to her ballet training. It was a discipline that was to remain an important part of her life and ballet career. After years of training, travel and competitions she was accepted into the Australian Ballet School from which she graduated with Honours.

Claire was offered a place in the Australian Ballet Company in 1998, touring nationally and internationally, performing a wide variety of roles including soloist roles. Throughout her career, Claire continued to study Pilates as an instrument to gain awareness of body movement and maintain peak performance condition, particularly during times of injury.

In 2005, Claire decided to move to Japan to gain further life experience, but her passion for dance was never far behind. Teaching ballet and Pilates, she also became engrossed in the world of Japanese dance. Within only three years, she passed a high level exam and was honoured with a Japanese name, Misora Ryokushin, a rare achievement in such a short period of time, and possibly a first for a foreigner.

She studied Japanese and passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 1, knowledge that was to prove very useful when taking the Pilates teacher training course and exam in Tokyo. Claire passed the Polestar Pilates Mat course in Japanese with high scores. She is currently studying for the Polestar Pilates Studio Course in Hong Kong.

Claire is eager to pass on her knowledge and love of movement, teaching ballet and Pilates to students in both Japanese and English. She is particularly interested in training dancers to reach their full potential though Pilates and coaching.




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